Vo / Songwriter | Composer

From 6 to 17 years old, Koike was enrolled in NHK Tokyo Children Chorus and she has appearance for NHK educational TV program. Koike also performed at the oversea, TV commercials and worked as a composer.


In 2002, Koike formed the band called Beautiful Humming Bird with the guitarist Taba Tea and they debuted a year later.
In 2005, Koike shared the stage with Haruomi Hosono and Keiichi Suzuki at Torirou Miki tribute concert.
In 2007, Koike recorded and played with Soichiro Suzuki for Haruomi Hosono tribute album and the concert.
In 2008, Koike, Taeko Ohnuki, Aki Yashiro did a collaboration for Nihon no utaproject supervised by Ryuichi Sakamoto.
In 2010, Koike participated the tribute album titled All Kinds Of People~Love Burt Bacharachproduced by Jim O’Rourke and also did the release tour with Jim O’Rourke, Haruomi Hosono and Akira Sakata.In 2015, Beautiful Hamming Bird did collaboration with Kuricorder Quartet and did tour in Japan and they appeared on Fuji Rock Festival 2015.
From 2016 to 2018, Koike enrolled the band Kuricorder & Friends. During the tour in Asia, Koike performed traditional songs from Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar.
Ryuichi Sakamoto described Koike’s vocal as “Her voice echoing to the hearts of the listeners”.


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【Featuring works】

  • Haruomi Hosono Tributes “Sanji No Komoriuta”(WORLD STANDARDS + Mitsuko Koike)

  •  Apple of our eye [Ringo no komoriuta] White album “Only You (And You Alone)”(Haruomi Hosono + Mitsuko Koike)

  • Nihon no uta vol.2 supervised by Ryuichi Sakamoto “Yashi no mi”(Mitsuko Koike + Tomoki Kanda)

  • ADEAI by Takuji Aoyanagi “Hanacha”and “Kuro no kuruma”

  •  Katamari Damacy Tribute “Sakura iro no kisetsu”(Beautiful Hamming Bird)

  •  BIG FUN by TOWA TEI“Twinkle,Twinkle,Little Star feat.Mitsuko Koike”

  •  SUNNY by TOWA TEI “Park with Mitsuko Koike”

  • All Kinds Of People~Love Burt Bacharach by Jim O’Rourke “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head”

  •  Tsubame Novellette by Kotringo “Tailer Kyoudai”

  • LIFE by Fujifabric “Matsuri no Mae”

And more…


  • Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd.「Forest Of My Heart」2005~
 (TV Ads)

  • Kagome CM Sound logo 2016~ (TV Ads)

  • JR West Japan Railway Complany CM 「Hitorino omoi o tsutaetai」
2016/2017 (TV Ads)

  • KIRIN “Hare to mizu” 「Shirakamba to hare to mizu」篇
 (TV Ads)

  • U-can The Last Letter 「Oto kara saigono Present」2018 ~
 (TV Ads)

  • Nishimatsuya CM「Smart Angel」2018~
 (TV Ads)

  • NHK Minna no uta 「Umeboshijisei」by Beautiful Hamming Bird ~2011

  • NHK Okasan to isyo 「Mokumoku Fuyun」composed by Beautiful Hamming Bird 2018 (Soundtrack)

  • NHK BS Premium TV drama series「Watashi no uchiniha nannimo nai」Ending Theme「Nemuteiru Aidani」by Beautiful Hamming Bird 2016 (Soundtrack)

  • NHK TV Program Meikyoku Album 「America」
Written: Paul Simon Arrangement: Hajime Uesiba Drums: Yasuhiro Yoshigaki Orchestra: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra Singing and performance: Beautiful Hamming Bird Conductor: Takeshi Ooi and more... 2016